Two Peas in a Pod-cart

Love the show and absolutely think that if you guys don’t hit the ratings you want by 25 shows maybe you can file bankruptcy (Podcast Retry) and try the new name; “Two Peas in a Pod-cart” shout out to the guy who came up with that name because it’s perfect. You guys have to keep this going simply because my wife has always disliked you Terry until this podcast. She has finally understood what I have enjoyed about L&T for 20+ yrs. I guess Lex was the problem haha

BTW-Your Shari is right and you should buy your car and keep it.

My name is Justin Acker. I would put my name on here even if it was a bad review because
I’m not a D-bag

June 5, 2019 by jester697734 on Apple Podcasts