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Great show

Love the show big fan Thanks for all you do. Cindy Thomason Whittier, NC

Termo and Shari kissing in a tree😜

I love y’all so much and it’s a joy to have a peek into what real world Jaymes is like!! Great, funny, with a zing of spice !! I been a P1 in Givernation forever‼️Thanks for giving me laughter and joy, and God bless y’all always💖💙

Love the show!

Kelly Y from south Georgia, I absolutely love your show! Shari and Terry you are both so hilarious and such a cute couple! Im a long time listener of the Lex & Terry show and just recently started listening to Gang Of Two. I listen to Lex & Terry every morning and soon as it goes off I start listen…

The best show

Love it can’t f Get enough of you guys

Gang of Two

Entertaining, educational 😄, topical, interesting! Love Terry & Shari❣️


Thanks Wish it could just go longer.Great show Jeff

Words of wisdom

I must say I have never listen to a podcast until I ran across yours.. been listing to your radio show since I can remember when you came on air in Morgantown wv. Made me so made that they took you off wclg and now we have some guys that make me wanna drown myself lol anyways you guys rock and ever…

Laughed so hard I prolapsed

Absolutely love this podcast. The audio is clear and not over produced. I love Big Slit and Terry Lames. These two have an amazing dynamic and their banters will have you on floor laughing. From Shari’s logical sport picks to their parental advice, these two will have you laughing so hard that all …

Very funny, refreshing and down to earth podcast by a great couple

Excellent podcast from Terry and Shari Jaymes who truly have an amazing chemistry. This podcast makes me think, smile and laugh and it’s truly worth a listen! Keep it up guys, you both are great!

Hilarious couple with a great look at life and entertaining af

This show is hilarious from start to finish. The way this couple interacts is perfect and I love every minute of the show. If your looking for something fun to listen to, here it is.

Hilariously funny

The Gang of two is by far the funniest podcast you can listen too sober and I recommend this podcast to anyone who is married, I absolutely love the couple of Dums

Couple goals AF

Finally started this podcart last week and binged every day at work until getting caught up today. I am absolutely hooked on this podcart. Awesome couple, funny stories, useful advice. I could see myself and boyfriend being friends with you guys! I feel like we have the same sort of silly and th…


I am absolutely loving the show . Their chemistry ,is exactly as I imagined it would be . Love listening to the banter . Have a nice day .

I’m a dum

I love y’all!! Sherri is so funny and Terry is totally great. I listen on the way home from work. So relatable and completely down to earth with wit and humor. You two are a couple that inspires the long lasting coupledom! Have a nice day! Karen O

2 sum

This is a great podcart . I enjoy hearing you and Sheri interact. I’m a P 1 and enjoy the other side of Terry. Keep up the great work and looking forward to the future!

Very Entertaining

Long time listener of the L&T show. Before social media and podcasts I found myself wishing i could know a little more about the people involved in the show. Podcasts like this make that a reality. I really like hearing the chemistry between Terry and Shari. The show is entertaining and I really d…

Hidden Gem

Been listening to L&T for years now. Decided to start listening to some of the casts side projects and wanted to start with Gang of Two. I've binged every podcart episode. I absolutely love the relationship these two have. For being just a couple of dumbs, they sure are doing a fabulous job. K…

6 stars!

I’m giving you guys six stars to offset the Troll’s rating from a few weeks back. Keep it up guys.... you make my early morning commute to the clinic a pleasant one. I love to hear your stories from before I knew you to stories that include little snippets of our friendship (Brix isn’t mad about yo…

Loving the Podcart!

Still loving the Podcart! I've been catching up on a few episodes I missed. You two are hysterical! Love your chemistry, I feel I'm listening to two best friends. I just listened to the "weed" episode . . . . . laughed all the way home from work. Looking forward to more coupledom wisdom from a…

One of the most charming, funniest, and entertaining podcasts ever

Hey guys ! My name is Spencer, longtime fan of the radio show, and I’ve been listening to the podcast for a couple of months now. My wife and I love listening to you guys, and always share a laugh or two before the podcast is over. Love how you two interact and joke with each other, you guys rock !…

I Effing love you two!!

Have a nice day! (Also my favorite Shari segment!!!) please never stop doing it 😂

Love the show

You guys have a great podcart. I look forward to seeing the available episodes. Please don’t change a thing. Keep him in line, Shari 😂

Re: chili talk

Y’all are killing me with the after math of the chili taste. Lol

Fun and authentic

There are a ton of podcasts that are fake and contrived. Terry and Shari are as real as they come. Their relationship is inspiring and the podcast is very entertaining. Their humor is unique and fun with a bit of an uncomfortable edge which I enjoy. I hope they continue to making this “podcart”(aut…

Two Peas in a Pod-cart

Love the show and absolutely think that if you guys don’t hit the ratings you want by 25 shows maybe you can file bankruptcy (Podcast Retry) and try the new name; “Two Peas in a Pod-cart” shout out to the guy who came up with that name because it’s perfect. You guys have to keep this going simply b…

The all time best Podcart

Terry & Shari, Thank you for sticking with the podcart even though Shari is fighting it your fans love what you guys have to offer. Always looking forward to the next show. Terry it was an honor to meet for coffee and thank you for the Seattle tips greatly appreciated. Frank

Check Out this Great Podcart!

Long time fan of Terry from his radio show. Really like this podcast as it shows another side of him with his funny wife Sheri. Always feel a positive vibe after listening.

America’s Podcart from America’s Couple!

This podcart never, ever fails to start my week off on a positive note! Anybody who is anybody, or dreams of being somebody when they grow up is listening to Gang of Two, and you should be too!!

Great Podcart

You make my Monday morning drive to work a little better. You both just have a natural flow with each other. I honestly enjoy listening to you both. I hope my wife and I can have this type of relationship when we have been married as long as you two. Great podcart.

#1 Podcart

Having been a long time listener of Lex and Terry I wasn’t quite sure what to expect with Gang of Two but I can say with confidence that it has to be one of the absolute best podcasts available right now. From episode one to the current episode they are all pure perfection. P.S. While I love the “…

World Class

A couple that I know little to nothing about and entertain me more than listening to golf on the radio. Love listening to these on my 2nd job.

Great podcast. You guys are perfect for each other.

Love the podcast. It’s actually the only one I’ve listened to. You guys make marriage fun!! Funny thing, on the episode where the edibles were eaten I accidentally hit the 1.5x speed on the phone and I literally thought y’all were talking faster and I was laughing so hard I couldn’t breathe. The…

Love this gang of two!

So I’ve had some health issues recently (diabetes and high bp) and the doctor told me I needed to exercise. I’ve been walking each night and while I walk, one of the things I listen to is The Gang of Two Podcart. It sure makes the time go by faster! I love the two of you and I especially love the l…

Have a Nice Day.

I have finally caught up on all the podcart episodes. I am in love. Both of you are too cute, the way you interact with each other. What I enjoy is how you laugh at one another whether it is funny or you are making fun of each other. You are not afraid to tell each other how you feel and yet it is…

Couple of Dumbs

This is truly my favorite podcast. It’s very refreshing to hear what it’s like to be in love with your best friend. Terry and Shari are a great influence on me and my wife

Not a podcast lover - but love this!

I’m not much of a podcast lover, but this is one I subscribe to and listen to every Monday. Most of the time I get bored by podcasts, but Terry and Shari are entertaining and engaging and keep me coming back for more. I love their relationship and their advice given to others. Hope this is somethin…

Ter-Mo and Big Slit hit a homerun

A must listen to if you want to see how a great relationship can really sound. Love their original takes and great segments, especially ‘Have a nice day...’. Great Podcart and awesome work to both Terry and Shari!

True Gang of Two- these two are hilarious without even trying!

I’m writing this because I want you to let Shari know (on or off air) that us P1 LT listeners have always perked up our ears when we hear “HEY SHAR!” We have always loved LT & the whole crew but I love being able to hear Shari and your banter as a couple every week now! I hope we make it past the 2…

Life Changing show

I moved to the Deep South a few years ago and learned that the saying “Well Bless Your Heart” was not a complement. Thank you for giving me the power to respond “Have A Nice Day”! I didn’t know if I would have the chance to use my new power, but to my surprise I have had the opportunity to use it …

Gang of two

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THEM BOTH! Have a great day is my favorite... I must be a sicko! Ha

Awesome show and more awesomest people

Terry and Shari are awesome and Gang of Two let’s them shine. This show makes me want to go out and join their gang! Jump me in guys ! This is a must listen give it a shot. 5 star

Great podcart!

It’s a great podcast that covers an array of topics, some fun and some serious but always entertaining!! Listen to it!!! You’ll be glad you did!

Listen Up

The most genuine podcast of my virtual friend Terry and his hot wife.


I cannot say anything different than everyone else has already stated. I love listening to Shari being honest with her answers and opinions. You guys make me smile and laugh out loud. (I am a merchandiser so I am sure people are looking at me funny). Keep on smiling!

Marriage shouldn’t be boring, and you’re lucky if it’s this hilarious!!

We always hear that marriage is never 50/50, but what if you found a counter part that picked you and made you laugh everyday. Gang of Two takes you into the highs, and the funniest of lows of a currently, very successful marriage. If you feel like you’re stuck with your’re doing it …

The Best Podcart Ever!

It just works, very entertaining! Terry and Shari have a great dynamic! Love listening!!! Download right now!!!!!!

America’s Couple!

I’ve always loved when Shari chimed in from time to time on Lex and Terry, so getting a full weekly dose of Shari and Terry interactions is just what I’ve been waiting for. It’s funny, informative and inspirational. As a newlywed, I find Shari and Terry to be the kind of couple I’d love to model my…

The Best Podcart Ever!

I have listened to Lex and Terry ever since I was in early high school, so for nearly 14 years which is half my life. Listening and laughing to his witty jokes, understanding his insightful opinions about certain subjects and always being entertained by providing intriguing stories of daily life ar…


Cant wait. The best of is fire! Every week is fun! The only podcast my wife will Listen to with me! Terry & Sheri are just real!

So much fun to listen to

These two are awesome, and really funny. It’s great to see couples who can laugh together, and poke fun at each other and not hold grudges. By far my favorite podcast to listen to!!!!

Podcart addict

Hello my name is Tyrone. Yes I am a podcart addict. Habit started nine weeks ago. By Sunday I get the shakes waiting for new show. Keep up great work. Thanks

You two are an awesome team.

I love the chemistry of Americas couple. (My title for you all.) Best podcart ever.

Great, fun show

I have been listening to Terry for over 15 years and have always enjoyed his “brand” of humor. Now, after hearing the amazing Jaymes duo, I can see where much of his humor is honed. They are so comfortable together that it feels like you are listening to old friends having a good time while tacklin…

Love this so much!

As a fan of Lex and Terry, I decided to check this podcast out. All I can say is Terry and Shari = relationship goals! Can’t wait for future episodes!

Love them!!

Such a great podcast. Love listening to Terry and Shari...they are so awesome together! Wish it was more than once a week. #couplegoals


Terry and Shari are my favorite, I love their outlook on life and they are so entertaining!

Crazy couple

Love listening to them talk and interact with each other. Great couple. Perfect for each other!

My favorite podcast couple

These two are freakin hilarious! Hit that subscribe button!

Outstanding Podcart!

Candid, hilariously entertaining and because of the experience with radio they have both have had, it is very professionally delivered. Terry and Shari are amazing together. Do yourself a favor and download. #poundsign

Live this show

Great ppl talking about there life’s and there choices that led them where they are.

Great start

Keep up the good shows!

Great new show!!!

Terry is a trained comedic assassin but Shari is just naturally funny. Her one liners will catch you off guard and have you falling out of your chair laughing. Just fun stuff from a very real place. -Blake Moody (Jacksonville, FL)

Nice fun positive podcast

Great podcart! Keep up the love and positivity Terry N Sherry!


3rd podcart and I’m hooked! Avid listener of L&T and all the podcasts on LT2 but this podcart takes the pod and puts it in the cart! A great couple of dumbs 👍🏼

This PodCART Could Save Your Life!

From twisted minds of Terry and Shari Jaymes, the Gang Of Two is Live Baby Live! If you know Terry from his 25+ year career as one half of one of the highest rated radio shows during that era, you only know half the story! Terry and Shari are quite possibly two of the most fun and frank folks you c…


I love their chemistry. Can’t wait to see where this podcart goes.

Love this podcast!

The BEST! Must listen! Shari & Terry are hysterical! Love these guys!! ❤️

Great Podcart

I love the show and Sheri is great!


Absolutely Phenomenal! Terry, keep killin’ it!

Only the best!

Terry and Shari have one of the best dynamics. It always makes for good listening. Sit back and enjoy!


Look...I mean Listen to Terry,...and Shari!!!

Looking forward

These are two freaking funny individuals and i get their jokes without translation.