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Much Love

Love u guys! Keep on keepin on!

My Tuesday routine

NO MORE WEEKS OFF!!!!!!!!! I have a routine on Tuesday morning drive in this truck. Y’all show starts it off. Thanks for making me tired LMMFAO

These best Podcast around!!

I am a long time listener of Lex and Terry talk show in the mornings but when I heard Terry and his awesome wife Shari have their own podcast, I had to get on board as fast as I could!! Let me tell you, this is the best Podcast I have ever heard, it’s fun, it’s wholesome, it’s hilarious, it’s everything in between!! If you haven’t had a chance to listen to them, then take a few minutes to listen and I guarantee you will be hooked and by the time you know it, you will have been listening for hours and hours. Keep up the amazing work and podcast Terry and Shari!!! I love listening to you to just talk back and forth!!

Best show ever!!

I’ve been listening since the inception!! I was single when I started listening but none the less this show has got some great advice and the chemistry between you guys is phenomenal!! KEEP GOING!!

Lot’s Of Fun

You’re going to be smiling through each episode just due to the chemistry between these two. Their banter back and forth is quick, fun and witty and you’ll find yourself laughing along even when you’re not in on the jokes (they playfully razz each other here and there and it’s gold)! The advice they give listeners is a highlight, very funny and spot on. Whether you’re in a relationship, want to be in one or are just looking for a good time, this is the podcast for you.

Gang of two

Been listening since the start. Yes the big show is how I found out about it, but the dynamic you guys have is what the world is needing now. Fun, sarcasm, real life ideas. Found out that Shari definitely brings a different side of Terry than I’ve heard for many a year. Pls don’t stop and pls keep innovating the pod cart world! Lots of great vibes. CHAD from J-ville


I love everything about this show! The dynamic you guys have radiates thru! True couple goals! I love the banter and chemistry you guys share! You guys are podcast gold! Thank you for everything you do! Cheri (Louisiana)


I’ve listened from the beginning and I still love the show! 🤣

ONLY show I listen to religiously!!

I’ve never wrote a review before.. but these guys are #GOALS and are sure to keep you entertained, no matter the topic! —Keep pushing and we’ll somehow get rid of that 4.9 review, Dummies!!

My Favorite Podcast

I must say that your show is my favorite! My husband and I listen to y’all every show and have missed you over the holidays but we are super excited that you decided to continue to do the show for another year! Keep up the great, smart, super funny work! Long time L&T listener, I’m 38 and been listening for 23 years. Born in Freakville, have lived in Pcola since I was 6 months old though. Huge fan!

This show is great

Is this really the 100th show? You guys need to celebrate with a little edible fun lol

Entertaining, Funny and Relatable

Very entertaining and funny podcast. Relationship advice is relatable and keeps you engaged. Highly recommended!!


I’ve been listening to Lex and Terry for a long time and finally decided to give this podcast a listen. Now I can’t stop listening. You two are absolutely the funniest people ever. Keep doing what you’re doing, y’all are great!!


So relatable! You two are incredibly enjoyable to listen to. Love that it’s not just a one sided podcast and relates to both parties in a relationship! You offer great advice and provide comfort in every day scenarios. Thanks for giving us something to listen to and look forward to. We both think you two are down to earth and your love for each other radiates out to the rest of us! Cheers to this adventure you two are on and wish you both an incredible 2022!

Relationship Goals

For decades, I’ve been a huge fan of L&T and more recently, Terry Jaymes Alive, so when Gang of Two started in 2020, I had to check it out. Terry and Shari, we love you guys!! We listen every week and crack up! You guys are the BEST! Thank you for such a practical, yet hysterical outlook on life. The two of you truly are relationship goals.


Terry and Shari are great. This is my go to podcast. Great topics and very funny. One of the very few podcasts that doesn’t put me to sleep.

Listen to it 👍

Great show don’t have money for patreon so here’s a five star review you earned it 😋 Jay


This “Childless” Couple leads a HERD OF DUMMIES out of the Forest each week. Jump on board and pick up some IQ Points. As soon as you hear Shari’s chair being wheeled down the hall each week, you know things are about get better. Shari is the “Man” Terry has always wanted to be. I tune in each week just to see if Shari has finally come to her senses and left Terry.

You do it

Remember when… Shari loved doing the show Remember when…Y’all were going to do live stream Remember when…You do it


I am absolutely loving the show . Their chemistry ,is exactly as I imagined it would be . Love listening to the banter . Have a nice day .

Re: tedd lasso

I have never fanned over a show like this before. Glad I’m not the only one…. Now you need to watch Sex Education. When I left the bank branch in south lake union and went back to Dallas Texas… it was nice to hear y’all describe your outings around town …Helps with keeping us from being super home sick. Debra Bush Also keep up the great work!

Terry is gold. Sheri takes it to platinum

Ever wonder what an evil green hairless gerbil on acid is thinking while snowboarding down Mount Everest is thinking? Yeah me either. But…Ever wonder how dumb people find their way through life and love? Well, then look in a mirror, give yourself a pat on the back (or the middle finger if that is your bag) and realize you ain’t doing so bad, get over yourself and then tune into the Gang of Two. Funny anecdotes, irreverence and perhaps the one of the best duos in podcasting.


High larryous very funny podcast


I laugh constantly from the honesty. It’s so hard to find that in the current culture. Keep it up and best wishes on any endeavors you may decide partake 😊

Greatest Dumbs Around

Listening to these two “dumbs” is the highlight of my week! Terry and Shari give us a glimpse into their loving and lighthearted relationship while teaching us how to laugh at ourselves and one another. Absolute #goals to any couple, any where. Thank you for your humor and knowledge. “Have a nice day.” - Lizzie N.

Much Love

Love u guys! Keep on keepin on!

Y’all are awesome!

Thanks I enjoy a lot!

Awesome dumbs!

These dumbs are a hoot! I will listen until sherry has had enough. Lol

Fantastic show!

Ultimately the greatest podcast ever!!!


Love the show keep up the great work.